4 April 2016


Below is the latest promo I made for Sugar & Vice. This one is a behind the scenes look at how much effort goes into creating a piece of jewellery, from setting up the various pieces on a computer, to the laser cutting and then assembling. Sarah and Matt at Sugar & Vice put loads of effort into ensuring each piece of jewellery is great quality. Check out the website for all their fantastic jewellery.

1 April 2016


As with all my films I tend to make a teaser poster and then a final poster, and my latest film is no different. Below is the teaser poster for my latest short film, Unto Death. The photograph was taken by Samuel Dore on something you might remember called 35mm film. If you have a spare 32 seconds can also watch the trailer.
Have a great weekend!

26 March 2016


"In the beginning was the word, and the word was made flesh."

I'm pleased to announce the teaser trailer for my latest short film, Unto Death. Big thanks to my amazing cast and crew, Tim Blackwell, Nathan Dean Williams, Gabriella Montrose, Helen Miles, Frances Darvell White, Leon Ancliffe and Samuel Dore.

For any camera/tech people, I shot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The footage in the trailer was shot with a Angenieux 12-120mm, which was made in the early 60s and has the best lens flare.

Check out the trailer below, I hope you enjoy it. (WARNING - Contains flashing images).

23 February 2016


Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favourite filmmaker's. Boogie Nights and Magnolia are two of my favourite films, and he made the only film starring Adam Sandler I can bear to watch. The below video essays, by Cameron Beyl, are part of a wonderful collection of videos called The Director Series, which explore the work and careers of contemporary and classic film directors. The PTA videos cover his early work, including The Dirk Diggler Story, through to the virtuoso Magnolia. I highly recommend watching them.

On the same topic, check out this oral history of Boogie Nights on Grantland called Livin' Thing. It's a fascinating read about a wonderful film from everyone involved in making it. "Come on, you puppies!"

19 February 2016


I'm proud to present the final Naughty Naughty poster by amazing artist Brian Canio. I discovered Brian's work on Instagram a few years ago and he's been illustrating posters for my films ever since. Check out Brian's work and follow him on Instagram.