12 August 2016


Like most of the planet, I devoured Stranger Things in a few days. Being an eighties child it ticked all the right boxes for me. I particularly loved the opening titles, so being a massive narcissist I decided to recreate them for myself. I like to do stuff like this to further my knowledge of After Effects as it's always good to have another filmmaking skill I can use. For any font junkies the font is Benguiat. Enjoy!

22 July 2016


"In the beginning was the word, and the word was made flesh."

I'm in the final stages of post-production on my latest short film, Unto Death, but in the meantime I made another trailer. Big thanks to my amazing cast and crew, Tim Blackwell, Nathan Dean Williams, Gabriella Montrose, Helen Miles, Frances Darvell White, Leon Ancliffe and Samuel Dore. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's some other tasty stuff relating to the film. Trailer 1 - Teaser Poster - Lobby Cards

21 July 2016


Here's a promo I made for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection from Sugar & Vice, featuring a select few of the tropical inspired pieces.

For any tech/camera people I shot it entirely on my iPhone 5s, even the underwater stuff (with my phone inside a sandwich bag). I've been a proponent of phones as filmmaking tools for years and have filmed numerous videos with my 5s, including holidays in Nerja and Venice. Like most people I use my phone for everything other than phone calls, these days mainly filming and catching Pok√©mon.

Check out the Sugar & Vice website for the rest of the SS16 collection and all the other fantastic jewellery.

18 July 2016


Sometimes I feel like the world seems to be going backwards and getting less progressive each day. With that in mind here's a trailer I edited for a film based on an alternative reality America, one that, scarily, doesn't seem too far-fetched. I didn't have to do much editing to make Trump say these things.
I present, The Purge: Trumpocalypse.

6 July 2016


I'm still in post production on my latest short film, Unto Death. It's going well and coming together a treat, but in the meantime I made some lobby cards. I've always been a fan of lobby cards as unlike a poster they show you actual images from the film instead of posed for publicity shots. I made a whole bunch of them (not sure what the collective noun is for lobby cards) and you can see a select few below. Hope you enjoy the retro vibes.