20 April 2017


As usual whenever I go on holiday I don't bother taking a video camera I just use my phone to capture moments here and there. So here's my latest holiday video from Mallorca, entirely shot on iPhone 5s.

Here are my previous holiday videos from Venice, and Nerja.

16 February 2017


It's been ages since my last post, so Happy New Year and all that. I hope you ate yourself silly over the holidays. My first post of 2017 is about a music video I recently finished for extreme metal band, The Senseless.

I've been playing around in After Effects for ages now, wanting to increase my skills and explore what's possible. I particularly wanted to explore Element 3D, a plugin for creating VFX that involve 3D objects, particle animating and rendering.

To cut a long story short, after watching hours and hours of tutorials I finally managed to grasp the basics of the software and started experimenting. You can see some examples of stuff I created on my Instagram, like this weird organic blob thing, or this weird bacteria virus thing, and another weird organic sea creature thing.

Sam from The Senseless saw these and asked me to create a music video for him. I've known Sam for about ten years having previously made a video for him. Other than suggesting something with "skulls and stuff" he gave me complete free rein to do whatever I want.

So here's the video, the results of my first proper exploring of Element 3D. I hope you enjoy, and play it loud.

25 November 2016


My latest short film, Unto Death, has a six page feature in the latest issue of Digital FilmMaker Magazine. It includes an interview with myself (I'm wonderfully interesting don't you know?), where I talk all things Unto Death and indie filmmaking. Check out the sneak peek below and buy the magazine for the whole article.

13 October 2016


I finished shooting the main bulk of my latest short film, Unto Death, a few months ago now, but there was one shot that kept eluding me. I desperately wanted a telephoto shot of the setting sun, specifically the sun disappearing below the horizon. I tried various locations all around South London but was constantly foiled by weather, on one occasion the only cloud in the sky was exactly in front of the sun. Sod's Law! Also, it sounds stupid, but I really underestimated just how bright the sun is even when it's at its least powerful and beginning to fade. Stopping down my lens to f/32 was nowhere near enough so I bought some ND filters for my Cokin filter holder. Finally after two months of attempts the weather was perfect and I had the correct equipment for the job. It only lasts a few seconds in the film but the effort was totally worth it. Big thanks to Helen Miles for all her help. For any techies it was shot on Blackmagic Pocket in RAW with a Tokina 60-300mm at f/22 and ND16.

28 September 2016


"In the beginning was the word, and the word was made flesh."

I'm now in the very final stages of post production on my latest short film, Unto Death. Low/no budget filmmaking is tough and takes time but I'm really happy with how the film is looking and sounding. I'll soon be doing the colour grade with a talented colourist, and Helen Miles is working on the sound design as well as the score, which is being created in a pretty unique way. I'll probably do a separate post on that at some point.

In the meantime I made another poster. I wanted to make something that was more modern looking than the retro teaser poster I made. Check it out below.

Here's some other tasty stuff relating to the film. Trailer 1 - Trailer 2Lobby Cards