Plastic Love is a dark and twisted tale of love, loss, obsession and fetishes. The story focuses on four main characters, exploring their secret desires and fantasies, and how they affect their relationships, for better or worse.

The full film is available to watch below. For best viewing experience please watch in fullscreen HD with the volume cranked to 11. (Contains scenes of a sexual nature... the best kind).

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Cast & Crew
Walter: Tim Blackwell
Eleanor: Debra Baker
Sally: Charlotte Mounter
Dan: Harry Macqueen
Laurie: Paula Gilbert
The Man: Peter Halpin

Writer/Director/Editor: Jamie Hooper
Camera: Jamie Hooper, James Webber
Sound Recorder/Designer, Foley: Helen Miles
Music: Martin Dubka
Hair & Makeup: Kylie Daykin
Stills: Poppaea Bicknell