2 March 2015


Here's a short promo I made for the latest jewellery collection from Sugar & Vice, called The Afternoon Tea Collection. After filming I promptly devoured all the props, if only all projects involved cakes and biscuits.

Being as this is such a short video I decided to use it as an opportunity to play around with the 4K on my GH4. The level of detail in the footage is pretty insane, especially when you consider the GH4 is generally classed as a 'prosumer' camera and records straight onto SD cards internally. I wouldn't shoot everything in 4K but I think for smaller projects and anything that requires post-stabilisation it could be really useful.

There's much more jewellery in the Afternoon Tea Collection than I could fit into the promo so check it out here: www.sugarandvicedesigns.com/collections/the-afternoon-tea-collection