"In the beginning was the word, and the word was made flesh."

Unto Death is a Gothic horror-drama that is currently being submitted to film festivals internationally.

Unto Death is about Thomas (Tim Blackwell), a priest struggling with his faith after something seemingly impossible happens to his partner, Luke (Nathan Dean Williams). It explores religion versus love, and how much faith people have when it conflicts with something they know to be true.

Thomas: Tim Blackwell
Luke: Nathan Dean Williams
Lilith: Gabriella Montrose

Writer/Director: Jamie Hooper
Producers: Jamie Hooper & Helen Miles
Cinematographer/Editor: Jamie Hooper
Sound Designer: Helen Miles
Composer: Bernard Herrlurn
Hair & Makeup: Frances Darvell White
Colourist: Rebecca Goodeve
Assistant Camera: Leon Ancliffe
Still Photographer: Samuel Dore

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