Side by Side is the story of two unlikely friends and the bond they share. Starring up and coming actress Mia Baker and Adeel Akhtar from Four Lions. Made as part of the Philips Cinema - Parallel Lines competition in association with Ridley Scott Associates.

All the entries had to contain the same six mandatory lines of dialogue:
What is that? - It's a unicorn. - Never seen one up close before. - Beautiful. - Get away, get away. - I'm sorry.

It was shot in one (hectic) day on a zero budget and wouldn't have been possible without the great help, willingness and fun nature of my actors.

The full film is available to watch below. Hope you enjoy!


One boy. One girl. Loads of sandwiches.

Peanut Butter Lips is the story of young love and sandwich making. It was made as part of the Virgin Media Shorts competition and was previously available to watch on Virgin Media's TiVo service.

The full film is available to watch below. WARNING: Contains scene that may make you hungry. Hope you enjoy!


Vision has been described as a mixture of The Ring and Videodrome via Hostel. A young woman receives a mysterious DVD in the post. Too intrigued not to watch, she soon realises even pressing play was a bad mistake.

The full film is available to watch below. WARNING: Contains scenes some may find disturbing. Hope you enjoy!