22 July 2016


"In the beginning was the word, and the word was made flesh."

I'm in the final stages of post-production on my latest short film, Unto Death, but in the meantime I made another trailer. Big thanks to my amazing cast and crew, Tim Blackwell, Nathan Dean Williams, Gabriella Montrose, Helen Miles, Frances Darvell White, Leon Ancliffe and Samuel Dore. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's some other tasty stuff relating to the film. Trailer 1 - Teaser Poster - Lobby Cards

21 July 2016


Here's a promo I made for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection from Sugar & Vice, featuring a select few of the tropical inspired pieces.

For any tech/camera people I shot it entirely on my iPhone 5s, even the underwater stuff (with my phone inside a sandwich bag). I've been a proponent of phones as filmmaking tools for years and have filmed numerous videos with my 5s, including holidays in Nerja and Venice. Like most people I use my phone for everything other than phone calls, these days mainly filming and catching Pok√©mon.

Check out the Sugar & Vice website for the rest of the SS16 collection and all the other fantastic jewellery.

18 July 2016


Sometimes I feel like the world seems to be going backwards and getting less progressive each day. With that in mind here's a trailer I edited for a film based on an alternative reality America, one that, scarily, doesn't seem too far-fetched. I didn't have to do much editing to make Trump say these things.
I present, The Purge: Trumpocalypse.

6 July 2016


I'm still in post production on my latest short film, Unto Death. It's going well and coming together a treat, but in the meantime I made some lobby cards. I've always been a fan of lobby cards as unlike a poster they show you actual images from the film instead of posed for publicity shots. I made a whole bunch of them (not sure what the collective noun is for lobby cards) and you can see a select few below. Hope you enjoy the retro vibes.