14 February 2014


I'm really pleased to announce that Plastic Love is now online and free to watch. It was a real labour of love for me and it couldn't have been made without the amazing cast and crew.

"A superb film, which mixes comedy and pathos to stunning effect."

"A surprisingly tactful and poignant take on a range of very personal and taboo subjects." BRWC/battleroyalewithcheese

"It's a vicars-in-knickers, curtain-twitching kind of titillation, turned up to eleven with warmth still in tact."
Script and Things

"A deeply perverse yet quintessentially British comedy."
Musings of a Film Fanatic

"The combination of genuinely poignant moments juxtaposed against the black comedy really makes the film memorable." Strangers in a Cinema

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The film is embedded below. For best viewing experience please watch in fullscreen HD with the volume cranked to 11. Please spread the word and share with everyone. I hope you enjoy it.