2 May 2013


A few different websites/blogs have been kind enough to review Plastic Love, so I thought I'd collect them all in one place. If you want to review it tweet me at @JamHoopFilm.

"A superb film, which mixes comedy and pathos to stunning effect." Read more.
 "A surprisingly tactful and poignant take on a range of very personal and taboo subjects." Read more.

"It's a vicars-in-knickers, curtain-twitching kind of titillation, turned up to eleven with warmth still in tact." Read more.
 "A controversial work that is both funny and disturbing." Read more. Plus an interview.

 "A deeply perverse yet quintessentially British comedy." Read more.

A Crazy Kind Of Love: An Interview with Director Jamie Hooper. Read more.

"A messed up story of love and lust. It’s funny, tragic and disturbing in equal measures." Read more.

"Things go from comical absurdity to sadness to peril to disgust, it is an absolute assault on your senses from start to finish." Read more.

"The combination of genuinely poignant moments juxtaposed against the black comedy really makes the film memorable." Read more.

"It's well shot, with an impressive soundtrack, good performances and an interesting mix of humour, pathos and drama." Read more.