2 August 2011

PBL and VMS, SBS and SP

In the words of Stan Lee, a hero of mine and a true Generalissimo, "Hello my brave Brigadiers!" I hope July and August saw you well.

I'm a big believer in saying nothing unless you have something to say, hence why my blog has been a bit quiet recently (Twitter is where I spout my daily nonsense). That's also the reason I hardly ever speak, I rarely have anything interesting to say so why waste my breath and your time? Anyway, at last I feel I have something to say, or at least tell you about.
Last month this very blog was featured on the Virgin Media Shorts website as part of an ongoing feature to highlight filmmakers blogs about their entries to the competition. Click here to get trapped in a never ending loop of link clicking back and forth between this blog and Virgin Media Shorts webpage about this blog. Internet Link Clicking Pong© - it's a new game. Imagine if they did another webpage about this blog post about their webpage about my previous blog post. *brain melts*

On another Virgin Media Shorts related note, my film Peanut Butter Lips was available to watch on Virgin Media's new TiVo service. If anyone watched it I hope you enjoyed it and big thanks to everyone at VMS for featuring my film and blog on their website.

In even more exciting news, for me at least, my film Side by Side has been shortlisted for Shooting People's Film of the Month in July. That means the legendary John Waters will be watching it and judging the overall winner (I knew I never should've deleted the shit-eating scene). Big thanks to all the fellow Shooters who 'liked' the film and consequently put a big smile on my face, and good luck to the other shortlisted filmmakers.

Until next time. Excelsior!