1 March 2011


In-between paying jobs Fingercuff always work on our own projects (the most fun stuff), and for the last few months we've been filming Three, the latest film from writer and director James Webber. The edit is finally coming together and everything is looking great. Please check out the trailer below.

As with all of James' films I worked as cinematographer, which I love as I get to be heavily involved in all aspects of the lighting, composition of shots, lens choice and general look of the film. I'm trying my best to become much better at understanding all aspects of lighting and how it works with different lenses. We've been shooting on old-school manual 35mm lenses for a while now as we purchased a Redrock Micro Adaptor a couple of years ago. The rig we use is a monster and destroys your arms/shoulders after a day filming with it, but in all fairness it's really made our work look so much better and helped me to understand the importance of good camerawork and lens choice etc. I thought I'd miss the ability to zoom on a digital lens but I love filming with prime lenses and physically having to move the camera to change the shot. As you can see from earlier posts we've recently invested in a Panasonic AG-AF101 so hopefully our work will just look better and better over the coming months. Hope you enjoy the trailers and thanks for reading.