12 February 2011


So as promised, here's some test footage from the AG-AF101. I'm loving my new lens, the Cimko MT 100-300mm, you can do some crazy focus pulls with it, like the one from a leaf to the moon at 2:25 in the below video, and it was only £25 from eBay. Really impressed with the results I'm getting with this camera so far, and full 1080p slo-mo amazes me every time I watch it. Excelsior!

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  1. Wow! This is amazing stuff, Jamie; and I love the music. Looks like a really great lens you have there. It's funny how using special lenses changes the way you look at doing things, isn't it? After buying my very first DSLR camera, the choice of lenses has definitely made me think about the many different ways I can capture something. I'm sure it's the same principle with your film cameras and the various lenses for that.

    P.S. How on earth did you manage to keep up with that ant? :)


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